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DVSA taxi driving test training

Taxi Driver Training in Stevenage

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Taxi driver training

Having the correct information and a knowledgable trainer for a change in career is vital. We provide you with all the that you need to complete the Taxi Assessment. From 31st December 2016 the DVSA will not be carrying out taxi tests across the UK. Therefore it is important that you have the correct training and that the assessment of your driving is carried out by an organisation or assessor who is recognised by the local authority you intend to work in.

Accredited Taxi Driver Trainer Course (DATT)

John Billingham — Professional Assessor

In June 2008 I completed the Driving Instructor Association’s (DIAmond) Accredited Taxi Trainer Course (DATT). Since then my pass rate has always been above 90% for the Taxi Test.

With eight years of professional training and coaching you know you will receive the best up to date information and training to pass your local authorities Taxi Assessment.

I monitored all our assessments to ensure the driving routes are comparable to each other and they are relevant and realistic for the purpose of your assessment. Due to my dedication, I have completed all the necessary tests and assessments to become a taxi driver accessor. My reason for doing this is so that I am fully aware of what you have to do to obtain your taxi licence.

The Training

You will need to do a two hour assessment and training session. This will include all the manoeuvres relevant to the taxi assessment. As you can drive this means you can start to practice the manoeuvres in your own car and develop your driving skills. We will provide you with all the information you need so you can study in plenty of time for your Taxi Assessment.

If you need to develop your driving further to meet the requirements we can arrange more training to accommodate you. This will normally be two hours of training or more at a time. On the day of your Taxi Assessment you can use your own car or hire your trainers car. We recommend that you have a pre-drive before your Assessment. It’s far better to have a warm up session with your trainer so that you feel ready. If you wish your Trainer can sit in on your Assessment.

Please note this is an option, the choice is yours. Before your assessment we will give you some tips on how to prepare yourself for the actual assessment. This information is specific to you and will help to keep you focused on your goal.

Wheelchair Accessibility Assessment

You will need to provide your own vehicle and wheelchair for this assessment. Before your actual assessment we can assess your procedures as part of your training so that you are well prepared for this additional exercise. The wheelchair exercise will be carried out at the beginning of the Taxi Assessment.

Wheelchair Accessibility Assessment training video


Practical Taxi Assessment Criteria

One in three Assessments will be required to do an Emergency Stop.

You’ll pass the assessment if you make 9 minor faults or less. You’ll fail if you get more than 9 minor faults, (4 minor faults for the same category will result in a fail) or make a serious or a dangerous fault.

If you have completed ten hours of training with Hello Driver Training and fail your Practical Taxi Assessment we will provide the training car free of charge for your second driving assessment. Our current pass rate is 97%. Our pass rate has been so high that we have never had to provide the car free of charge.

For taxi training and assessments please use our contact form below.

Passing or Failing the Assessment When you have completed your taxi assessment, you’ll get a confirmation email of your Assessment A debrief from the Assessor if you want one.

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There are four types of assessment you can do:

  • The Standard Taxi Assessment
  • The Enhanced Assessment - this includes the Wheelchair Exercise.
  • The Wheelchair Assessment Upgrade
  • The Extended Taxi Assessment.

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Hello Driver taxi driver training


I passed my learner driving test with John then 18 months later I asked him to help me with my Taxi Assessment. John was very good at pointing out some habits I had picked up since I got my full licence. The training was a bit different to what he had been teaching me in the past.

The manoeuvres were slightly different and no parallel parking!!!!

Everything about the taxi assessment was explained to me so I knew what to expect. It all fell in to place and I passed first time.



For more information call John Billingham on call 01438 233079

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